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Mida Donnessey

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Mida Donnessey

Mida Donnessey was born at Blue River on the Kaska Road where she recalls there being no borders. Mida is from the Wolf Clan and has a lot of Traditional Teachings of the old Kaska ways, from her mother and grandmother. She is always happy to share stories, teachings and that has taken her traveling to Ottawa, Vancouver, New York, California, and Haines Alaska.

She takes so much pride in her beadwork, making snowshoes, vests, tanning hides and picking berries or medicines. Mida worked 38 years for CYI and 8 years now for Watson Lake High School. She teaches children language and way of Kaska life.

Mida would like if all people would get along to go hunt and trap side by side as it use to be. She said there are so many gatherings where everyone would bring something and visit and share stories.

Mida stated very strongly we MUST keep our Kaska language and ways on the land. Don’t give it up and make more borders. Our next generation needs to have all we have had