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LAWS Communication Protocol



The LIARD FIRST NATION as represented by the Chief (the "LFN")

The LIARD ABORIGINAL WOMENS SOCIETY as represented by the head of the society ("LAWS")

being the Parties  to this Accord.

Whereas both parties wish to maintain and enhance an effective and respectful working relationship;

Whereas  both parties share many interests and concerns;

Whereas both parties wish to work together to maximize access to Yukon Government and Federal Government programs and services to promote social development of the Kaska people, including such areas as; training, educational opportunities, development of community infrastructure, community healing  programs dealing with the impacts of the residential schools system, violence prevention, alcohol and drug treatment programming;

Whereas both parties wish to establish a process to identify and address common priorities and bring positive social changes to the Kaska Nation members;

NOW THEREFORE, the LFN and LAWS agree to the following:

1.0        Name

The name of the Accord shall be the Liard First Nation - Liard Aboriginal Womens' Society- Co-operation Accord.

2.0        Purpose

The purpose of the Accord is to provide a framework for the parties to work on matters of mutual interest and priority in a timely manner; and, to enhance the relationship between the LFN and LAWS.

3.0        Regular Meetings

3.1        There shall be regular meetings between the parties to:
3.1.1     facilitate information exchange;
identify areas of mutual interest, and opportunities to address those
identify common priorities and action to achieve these priorities; and,
review progress on the agreed upon activities undertaken between meetings.

The LFN will be represented at the regular meeting by the Chief and Council.  LAWS  will be represented by the Directors of the Society and other members of the administration, as required.
LFN will ensure that staff are encouraged to participate in the Community Development Training, Constitutional meetings and special projects offered by Liard Aboriginal Women's Society.  

Amendment and Term

The Accord may be amended from time to time in writing by agreement of the Parties; and, shall remain in force until one or both of Parties determine otherwise.