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Recording Kaska Conversations

Denek’eh Gudzededeh

(Let’s Speak our Language)

Preserving our Language for future generations

81 One hour lessons developed to teach and preserve the Kaska Language.

The Lessons were written in Kaska, recorded digitally and will be taught in Adult Immersion Language Classes. The lessons will highlight the cultural importance of our language and enable the students to use the conversational language in daily activities with friends, family even at work.

Over the 81 lessons participants will not only learn the language but will also receive lessons on proper grammatical understanding and sentence structure that is unique to the Kaska language.

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  • Leda Pat Maggie2
  • Mida-and-Clara2
  • Alice1
  • Dennis-and-Alice1
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  • Clara-and-Mida
  • Porter-brothers
  • Ann-and-Helen
  • Leda-and-Alice1
  • Mida-and-Clara3
  • Leda-and-Maggie
  • Leda-and-Eva2
  • Dennis-and-John1
  • Mida-and-Clara5
  • Mida-and-Clara1
  • Ann-and-Alice
  • Mida1
  • Mida-and-Clara4
  • Dennis-and-Clara1
  • Ann-and-Helen2
  • Clara1
  • Dennis-and-Alice2
  • Leda-and-Eva
  • Dennis-and-John2
  • Ann-and-Rose
  • Ann Rose Pat
  • Leda Pat Maggie

    A big Thank to the following individuals who made the project possible:

    Pat Moore, Leda Jules, Martina Volfova, Kristel Vance, Travis Stewart
    AND Countless Kaska Elders

    Technicians: Jody Dick and Daniel

    Denek’eh Gudzededeh was made possible by the generous financial support of the Department of Heritage.

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