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Amending our Constitution and Bylaws

The Reason for Amendments

A new Yukon Societies Act and Regulation came into force as on April 1, 2021. The new Act requires  existing Yukon societies to transition to the requirements of the new Act and bring their constitutions and bylaws in line with the new Act. The Act sets out new requirements for the governance of societies, and the obligations they must meet in order to remain in good standing.

About Constrictions and Bylaws

The constitution of a society describes its purpose, while its bylaws describe the role of governance in carrying our its purpose. A society’s constitution is usually quite brief and confined to a paragraph or two. In contrast, a society’s bylaws written in detail, reflecting the more complicated task of governing how its purpose is carried out. 

Our Review

We have compared the requirements of the new Act with our existing Constitution and Bylaws dated from 2004 and have determined that a number of changes are necessary to conform with the new Act.

The purpose of our Society as given in our Constitution of 2004 continues with only minor suggested amendments in wording. However, suggested amendments to our Bylaws are much more extensive given that the new Act is almost entirely devoted to the topic of governance.

Approving Suggested Amendments

The amendment of a society’s constitution and bylaws requires the approval of a special resolution presented at a special general meeting or an annual general meeting of a society’s members.

We will be preparing a special resolution and arranging for a special general meeting to be held in March on a date to be decided. In the meantime, it is important that existing and new members register as members as required under the Act.

Eligibility for Membership in the Society

Any woman of Aboriginal ancestry is eligible to become a member of the Society.

Duties of Members

Every member must uphold the Constitution and comply with the Society’s Bylaws.

Rights of Members

Members are entitled to the rights afforded to members under the Societies Act and the Bylaws of the Society, including, but not limited to, the right to vote on matters requiring a vote of the members, and the right to elect or appoint Directors of the Society.

pdf LAWS Constitution and Bylaws In Compliance (153 KB)

Amendments LAWS Bylaws and Constitution 

When:  March 27, 2023 

Time:  11 am Yukon time 

Where:  zoom 

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