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Bridging The Gap

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Our goal is to promote a dialogue and improved relationships between Kaska women, Help and Hope for Families and other government agencies in Watson Lake, Yukon and with women's organizations in Whitehorse, community members and RCMP to address the serious abuse of women in Yukon communities and develop a plan of action together.  RCMP participation and their ongoing communication and cooperation with women's and community groups is key to building trust among all participants, and improving safety for women. The sessions will serve to educate the participants on safety, the importance of accurate language, violence, responsibility, and recovery. The objective is to create lasting change through the creation of the action plan and Orientation documents for RCMP, and/or a policy statement that can be used to inform an improve social service delivery and policing for women living in Watson Lake and Whitehorse.

The funding from Justice Canada would assist in the preliminary work required in Watson Lake and Whitehorse in preparation of the two year project with funding requested from Status of Women Canada.  

At the initial workshop, Bridging the Gap: a Cross Cultural Conversation between Kaska women, First Nations, RCMP and community agencies the presenters will facilitate a conversation about current practices, about issues of violence and about shared concerns regarding violence in communities, particularly against indigenous women. The participants will exchange information, strategize for improvements, and establish plans for ongoing communications. An evaluation survey questionnaire will be completed by participants at the end of each day to inform an agreement on plans for ongoing communications throughout the series of seven workshops. A facilitator will prepare and distribute a report of the workshop for agencies to use in their own practice.

Here is our Whitehorse and Watson Lake meeting reports

Bridging the Gap