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Kaska Language Immersion Program

LAWS is thankful to the United Church Healing Fund for their generous support of our Kaska Language Immersion Program which took place in 2006. We were provided with $15,000.00 to offer culture and language gatherings at our camp at Frances Lake.

In July we hosted language and sewing classes during which Elders and youth taught or learned to sew while speaking only our language. We were pleased to have whole families taking part and we express our heartfelt thanks to the Elders for their patient teachings and wisdom.

An evaluation was completed by participants and some of the comments are included here.

“I am not as shy to speak my language now, I have more confidence.”

“When I was younger, at residential school, I was disciplined for speaking my language…so I didn’t teach my kids. Maybe now they can learn. What a great opportunity.”

“I have enjoyed being with friends and family on the land. And to learn our language is precious to me.”

Offering the classes on the land was successful as many people expressed the ease with which they learn while in camp. This also provided a safe space for sharing stories of residential school and offered peaceful healing opportunities.

We continue to search out avenues of funding for our culture and language.