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Media Campaign Against Violence

In 2006 Laws was funded $15,000.00 by the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund to run a Media Campaign against Violence.

This was an exciting venture involving Kaska Elders, men, women and children, all speaking out against violence throughout the Kaska homeland.

We know that violence is not the Kaska way and it was empowering and honoring to voice this on Chon Fm radio over a six month period. The ads were featured in both the Kaska and English language. Many reported the pride they felt when they heard the ads in their own language, spoken by family and friends.

The gatherings during which we brainstormed ideas and then taped the ads were fun opportunities to unite with our Kaska friends and family on a positive note and much laughter was heard through out the room during these gatherings.

Our thanks is extended to Crime Prevention for their funding to make this initiative possible.