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Indian Residential School Support Program

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Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program Now Funded by Health Canada


As of March 31, 2010, the Federal Government no longer funded the Aboriginal Healing Foundation . In anticipation of this fund- ing cut, we submitted proposals and lobbied for funding from the Yukon Government and Health Canada.


We are pleased to report that we were successful in securing fund- ing from Health Canada under their Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program.


What is the purpose of the Program?


The program provides funding for a Residential Health Support Worker (RHSW) who provides all eligible formerIndian Residential School (IRS) students and their family members with access to emotional and referral support that allows them to safely address issues related to their experiences with Indian Residential Schools.


Who is the Residential Health Support Worker?


Ann Maje Raider


What is referral support?


The Residential Health Support Worker will provide all eligible former IRS students and their family members with referrals to supports as they pertain to the IRS Settlement Agreement. We are working very hard with Health Canada to have a therapist provide services to Watson Lake, Lower Post and Good Hope Lake on a regular basis but this has taken longer than we had hoped. For now, residential school survivors in Lower Post who need emo- tional support can call Ann at 536-2097, and for Good Hope Lake please call collect to our office 867-536-2097. If you need to see a therapist in the interim, you can call 1-800-464-8106 to make arrangements to see someone in Whitehorse.


In addition, LAWS can assist you or your family with emotional support and a referral to therapeutic support during your Common Experience Payment (CEP) and during your Independent Assess- ment Process (IAP) hearing.


If you need emotional support for your hearings or are just having a difficult time coping after your hearing, or just need someone to listen, then please give Ann Maje Raider a call at 867 536-2097 or visit our office. We can also come to your home or another place of your choice.


Travis Stewart


The purpose of the Cultural Support Program is to provide all eligible former IRS students and their families with access to the culturally safe support services of a traditional healer or practitioner.


We are very pleased to have Travis in our office providing the necessary office management and cultural support as needed.






We are in the process of arranging for both a male and female therapist from Whitehorse to provide services to members in Watson Lake, Lower Post and Good Hope Lake.

In February, an introductory visit will take place where LAWS will be introducing them to the different resourcesineachcommunity. Aftertheintroductory visit, LAWS will be assisting them in rotating through the communities.

Once we better know everyone's schedule, a routine will be developed for regular visits. Prior to a thera- pist's arrival, individuals and the community will be notified. If you would like to see a therapist, please call LAWS at 867 536-2097.