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Maggie Dick

Maggie Dick

Maggie Dick was born at Francis Lake, Yukon and is a member of the Crow Clan. She spent summer school breaks on the land with family. She gained her traditional teachings from her mother and in turn passes onto her children and grandchildren today.

At a very early age she had a desire to work with children and ran a group home for 11 children plus 2 of her own. She really loved it but moved to Whitehorse where she worked at the hospital and even though it wasn’t her job she was called on to interpret for doctors. She recalls being called on a lot and really enjoyed helping children to feel less scared in the hospital.

Maggie works for children and families in crisis and although has tried to retire, she gets called back. Her wish for people is to be together as one. To be REALLY united, with no fighting but to play, visit, eat, pray and dance together.

She said “this way we can truly pass on our Kaska Traditional Ways to children without alcohol and drugs”.