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Lorna Reid

Lorna Reid

Lorna was born in Dease Lake, B.C. She is from the Crow Clan. Lorna raised three children, and also looked after many children in Lower Post.
For many years, Lorna worked as a chambermaid at Iron Creek, Watson Lake and at the Lower Post Hotel.

She also worked as a janitor for the Band for eleven years. After Lorna retired, she was elected and served as a Band Councillor for three years.
Lorna became a Christian in 1979, and became sober 28 years ago. She started her Residential School healing journey with L.A.W.S. in 2000. Lorna is also on the Board of Directors for L.A.W.S.
Lorna enjoys picking berries, cutting and drying meat, planting and working in her garden and growing flowers in season.
Lorna’s wish for healing and wellness in our communities is that their will be people who are available through their time and friendship to help the people caught up in addictions. People who are strong and can share how they overcame to encourage the ones struggling.