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Bernice Ball

Bernice Ball

Bernice Ball is a strong Kaska woman who is a member of the Crow Clan.

Bernice was born in Lower Post, British Columbia and has been a member of the Stikine school board for 12 years.  She has helped to strengthen the Kaska community by holding positions as a Family support worker, being a member of the Daylu Dena Council for three years and is currently serving as a board member of Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society.  Bernice continues to have an active role with the youth and always seen in the community helping the Elders.   

Bernice lives the traditional Kaska way of life, which includes hunting, fishing, camping, and berry picking.  She continues to strengthen the individuals around her, by leading by example and passing on her knowledge of the traditions in which she was raised.

The changes Bernice would like to see within the Kaska Nation is for our Kaska homeland to unite. She wants the Kaska people to quit making enemies within our own Nation. We must unite then all Kaska business, activities & economic affairs will be well-known and understood by Kaska members.  Bernice believes that we need a Kaska Constitution, “united we will stand” which we use to govern ourselves. We are the stewards of our land and our own lives.

Bernice is a LAWS board member and a Kaska Elder and we are proud to have her..