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Eva Johnny

Eva Johnny

Eva Johnny was born out in the bush while family was out on the land. She was born to the Wolf Clan and received teachings of Kaska ways from her mother. Eva spent her childhood on the Porter trap line, which is one of the biggest in the Kaska Nation. Her mother kept her home so she did not attend school but she learned beading and hide tanning which she still does today.

Eva helps in Lower Post community, where she resides, to teach children at Denetia School the Kaska ways. She is fluent in the Kaska language and is called on to interpret and teach others.

Eva still set snares and loves to eat wild game, tongue, moose head, brisket and in the spring looks forward to the first fish from Laird River. She wishes everyone would work together and help one another. She really wants to see the Kaska language used at all gatherings, meetings and in everyday life in member’s homes.