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Alice Donnessey

Alice Donnessey

Alice Donnessey was born at Simpson Lake Camp, where her family was trapping. She is from the Wolf Clan and follows traditional Kaska ways. Alice loves to camp out where she will pick berries, medicines and teas. She went back to vocational school after many years of being out of school and achieved a certificate as a Clerk/Typist.

Alice is very proud of her sobriety and helps others now who struggle with addictions. She then went on to being an addictions counselor, where she achieved several certificates in counseling, bookkeeping and Nechi Training. Alice has taken all these skills and now works as a Social worker at Laird First Nations.

Alice shared she was one of the last arranged marriages and it did not work out for her. She is glad today youth have a choice. Her greatest wish is to teach youth to take on her role of being dedicated to her people.