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Ericka E. Tibbet

Ericka Tibbet

Ericka was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She is from the Crow Clan.

Ericka is going to school training to be a computer technician. She is attending the Academy of Learning in Prince George, B.C.

She wants to return to the community if a job is available.

Ericka is raising her 10 year old nephew. She supports him in Twae Kwan Do and other sports. He has natural abilities as an athlete. He has the possibility of competing in the Olympics.

She enjoys and loves horses and being on the land.

Her thoughts on Health and Wellness in the community:

  • She wants to be a role model for her niece and nephew
  • Her mom and dad quit drinking and they showed her the way to make better choices
  • She said, “Young people need to be involved in something such as sports that keeps them occupied.”
  • They need lots of encouragement too from the community!