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Ashley Farrah Shepherd

Ashley Shepherd

Ashley was born in Watson Lake. Ashley is from the Wolf Clan. She is the third oldest child in a family of six children.

Ashley graduated from Grade 12 in 2006. Her goals are to go on to Post Secondary education.

She will be starting the culinary arts in Dawson Creek in September. She also wants to go into counseling and therapy as well as Business Administration. Ashley enjoys cooking, sewing and walking.

Ashley said she got into drinking all the time. But then she realized she did not want to look at an “empty bottle” for the rest of her life. She wanted more out of life. She credits her sisters with helping her.

This is what Ashley would like to see for Community Health and Wellness:

  • The NNDAP worker needs to be more visible in the community
  • The elders are drinking a lot, take them out of the community and do other activities with them
  • Take them out for tea or coffee
  • Day Trips to expose them to more such as the Hot Springs, etc.
  • Let the elders know they are valuable
  • There are only a few elders left, so put the focus and energy into them, not only on the addictions
  • People need someone to talk too, someone who can listen and encourage and be visible in the community

Ashley wishes she had her driver’s license, she would drive the elders to various activities.