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Traditional Wolf and Crow Clan Potlatches September, 2023

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society to hold commemorative MMIWG2S+ potlatches as part of major project to support families and survivors

WATSON LAKE, YT — Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society (LAWS) isannounce they will be hosting two traditional Wolf and Crow clan potlatches in both Ross
River and Watson Lake to honour Kaska Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People (MMIWG2S+).

The potlatches, which will be held September 22nd and 23rd at Ross River High School, and September 28th and 29th at Watson Lake Rec Centre, are part of a federally-funded project that provides LAWS with the resources to hold multiple commemorative potlatches to support impacted families and survivors. “These potlatches are so important as they help bring awareness to the issue of MMIWG2S+ and gender-based violence within our communities, while also bringing-much needed support to the families and survivors of the ongoing genocide against Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people,” said Ann Maje Raider, Executive Director of LAWS.

With the help of LAWS, Kaska families are coming together to host these memorial potlatches and witness the announcement of commemorative benches to honour missing Kaska women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people, and headstones for those who were murdered, creating an opportunity for loved ones to gain some closure and allow space for the grieving process.

“The ability for our communities to commemorate these women, girls, and gender-diverse people helps uphold their dignity and their rights, which should have been honoured before violence took them,” said Maje Raider.“These potlatches are poignant and concrete ways to harness the power of our culture to
support our communities and bring closure to the MMIWG2S+ families and survivors in our midst.”

Please find details for the events below, which are open to the public as listed:

pdf Potlatch Programs (PDF Download) (2.68 MB)


SEPT 22, 2023: Crow Potlatch 
SEPT 23, 2023: Wolf Potlatch
3:00 pm Ross River School


SEPT 28, 2023: Crow Potlatch
SEPT 29, 2023: Wolf Potlatch
2:00 pm Watson Lake Rec Centre
GHL and Daylu members are invited to the Watson Lake Potlatch.

Please contact Ann Maje Raider, Executive Director at (867) 334-8265.