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Celebrating our Youth's Achievements through Culture

Liard Aboriginal Womens Society would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Native Language teachers in both the Johnson Elementary School and the Watson Lake Secondary School. These teachers have been instilling pride in our Kaska culture to the youth for many years by teaching the Kaska language and culture in our local schools.  

This year these wonderful teachers are asking for the help of Liard Aboriginal Womens Society to work with them in sewing traditional regalia for the grade 7 and grade 12 students who will be graduating.

Our project would include involving parents and grandparents of the youth to help to sew the traditional clothing in time for the grad in May 2016.  
We recognize that the majority of the parents or grandparents, of these students, may not be available to assist in the design or sewing of these beautiful master pieces but are very fortunate to have a strong core of Kaska grandmothers who would be very proud to do this work in lieu of an honorarium.

In spite of the hard work of our Native language teachers many of our youth struggle with their identity and are prone to addiction.  This project will help to connect our youth and Kaska grandmothers in our community as there is a generational gap.   The project will serve to bridge the gap that exist between our elders and youth and will serve to teach our youth about our First Nation’s culture.   

We envision many conversations between the youth and elders through this project as the youth will help with the design and sewing.  The youth would have the opportunity to listen to our legends using our language and the grandmothers may share stories of the residential school. 

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