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Employment Opportunity - Cultural Support Worker - Lower Post and Good Hope Lake

A. Position: Cultural Support Worker - Lower Post, BC and Good Hope Lake.

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society is looking for an individual who lives an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle and a commitment to personal wellness.

B. Term: November 2019 to March 31, 2020

C. Preamble: Cultural support for direct and intergenerational survivors of residential school recognizes the importance of culture in.returning to a sense belonging and place, removing the distance that the residential school experience created. The grounding of support in cultural activity and in culturally sensitive one-to-one support encourages the recovery of place, reclaiming what was misplaced in the residential school experience.

D. Position Summary: The Cultural Support Worker position is designed to provide culturally-relevant assistance and emotional support for Kaska citizens residing in Lower Post and Good Hope Lake BC, who are directly and intergenerationally impacted by the effects of residential school. Reporting to the Executive Director of LAWS, the Cultural Support Worker works with local staff to provide one-to-one, front-line, culturally-relevant support, cultural activity and referrals to regional resources.

E. Major Duties:

1. To provide front-line support for citizens in Lower Post and Good Hope Lake directly and indirectly impacted by the effects of residential, school by:


  • Collaborating with local staff to offer one-to-one culturally-relevant assistance and emotional relief;
  • Collaborating with staff to offer and arrange referrals to appropriate professional support services in the region, including but limited to the NIHB counselling services, based on perceived needs.
  • Collaborate with Daylu Health Director in managing projects;

2. To provide cultural activities for citizens in Lower Post and Good Hope Lake directly and indirectly impacted by the effects of residential school, by:

  • Collaborating with Health Director to plan and offer cultural activities contributing to the recovery of place.

F. Working Conditions:

This is a term position to March 31, 2020 and dependent on funding and subject to a three -month probationary period. Conditions of
employment follow those laid out through Yukon Labor Standards and other relevant laws and legislation.
The position requires personal interaction and is expected to work collaboratively with community members and groups including office
staff, and a variety of service agency personnel. A flexible communication style and well-developed interpersonal skills are required.
Strict confidentiality is essential in working with individuals, agencies and community groups due to sensitivities around personal issues.
The incumbent provides support services to members in Good Hope Lake one day per week, requiring a valid driver’s license and the use of a private vehicle, insured for business use.
The position is expected to maintain regular communication with and is ultimately responsible to LAWS through the Executive Director.

The individual must be willing to take training provided by LAWS.

G. Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

The following skills and knowledge would normally be acquired through two or more years of experience in community-based organization (s),  serving First Nations citizens.

Interpersonal Skills and Knowledge:

  • Traditional cultural, spiritual and cross-gender awareness and sensitivity;
  • A broad awareness of issues related to violence against women;
  • Knowledge of residential school survivor and intergenerational effects as well as response-based practices (RBP);
  • Proven relationship skills and commitment to strict confidentiality;
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment;
  • Demonstrates an alcohol and drug free lifestyle and a commitment to personal wellnes

Communication Skills

  • Proven oral and written communication skills including skills in understanding and being understood across diverse communication
  • Well-developed listening and facilitation skills;

If you are interested in applying for the position please call Fran at 536-2097 or submit your resume, and covering letter stating your interest
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*** Closing Date: October 25th, 2019